Title: Shebeen Queens
Photographer: Julia Runge
Layout: Judith Johns
Editors: Fabian Sader, Julia Runge
Translation: Luisa Rollenhagen
Publisher: Palmato Publishing
Edition: 500 copies
ISBN 978-3-946205-33-3
€ 29,99
Hardcover, 18 x 24 cm, 104 pages, throughout colour photographs, texts in
English and German.

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Title: Basterland
Photographer: Julia Runge
Editors: Cornelia Limpricht, Fabian Sader
Translation: Megan & Rynault van Wyk; Anthony Brendell
Publisher: Julia Runge
Edition: 250 copies
ISBN 9783941602946 / ISBN 978-3-941602-94-6
€ 29,95
Softcover, slipcase, 20 x 16 cm, 110 pages, throughout colour photographs, texts in English, German and Afrikaans.

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